One World - Two Wheels - Endless Possibilities

That’s what Adventure Travel is all about - surpass your existing comfort zone and extend it to new levels. There is always more to see and more to do, more roads to ride, more environments to encounter and cultures to explore.

If you prefer warm weather riding then, although it may not be the case at home, consider that it is always warm and sunny somewhere in the world – you can time your travels to suit your own personal needs. During summer Europe offers amazing roads and scenery in the Alps and throughout the rest of the continent. When it’s winter in Europe then South America has it all – friendly people, great cultures, paved and unpaved roads, low valleys and high mountains.

It’s about excitement and fun, and there is no better way to see the world than on a bike.

Enjoy your trip without the hassle of organising shipping and all the complications involved...​

When the Americans originally built Route 66 they must have had bikers in mind or possibly have been bikers themselves – the roads are that perfect. If you don’t fancy tackling foreign languages or excessively tactical terrain but do want to experience great roads and warm weather then Route 66 is for you.

The staff of Moto Freight are all bikers, and we have all travelled in both first and third world countries by bike. Between our freighting expertise, our own travel experience and the feedback from our customers we have accumulated a vast wealth of information which we are always happy to share with our customers.